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If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you might have seen one of my first posts about how the name “Eleven Eleven Atelier” came to fruition. While I loved posting that fun graphic on Instagram, there is so much more detail to the story than a 1060 x 1060 box & a minimal space for a caption can tell. I am dedicating my first post to the story behind the name & meaning of 11/11. I hope you enjoy it!!!


Let’s take it back to 2011 ⎯

To paint you a better picture, I was a freshman in high school, and we are going back to the very. First. day. {yikes…}

I will spare you the details of my high school and all the awkwardness that ensued, but you must know that our “first day” was some bonding type of experience. I experienced discomfort and awkward 14-year-olds trying to make friends or shut off their ~ unwelcome, whole group of friends~. Until this short, loud, kind of annoying kid started talking to me a little. I thought he was funny, and at some point during the day, I recognized him and knew he lived in my neighborhood. I would have never had the courage to talk to him if it weren’t for him getting stung by a bee right in front of me. It was funny and lightened the mood.


Cristian and I first started dating back freshmen year on the ever so famous, 11/11/11. Who knew cris was such a romantic. So that has always been a cool thing about us, and I always see 7’s and 11’s which is just a weird side fact {cris obvi was born on the 7th, and Ripley was born on the 7th month, too lol so weird} ANYWAYS. We also prefer to celebrate our anniversary on 11/11 over our wedding anniversary date.


If you don’t know who Alex of high moon-studio is, you need to go check her out. She isn’t a solopreneur anymore, but she’s the reason I am here today. So I love her, and on her Instagram story one day, I happened to see that she said she would talk at the StyledYou Retreat in Joshua tree and was so super excited about it! Aka, how I found out about the retreat.


Alex’s session, or whatever you want to call it, was on 11/11 coincidentally. She commented at the beginning about how she loves little goofy mystical things and signs because it confirms her direction, which is how I am too. She said she was beyond excited to do this particular class because it was on 11/11 and started at 11 am and continues to say how much she loves the power of 11/11. And Alex HAS AN 11/11 TATTOO ON HER HAND TOO! It was wild.


Later that night, we talked, and someone asked me if I had found any Inspo or had any ideas about what direction I wanted to go in after this. I was saying what I liked and knew I didn’t like, and then it hit me that whatever I ended up doing, it had to be named in some way after 11/11.


atelier” is a fancy French way of saying studio, and I wanted that instead of studio or something else because it’s a bit classier. Since I’m young with not much experience, I thought it added some elegance that may make me more trusting.

PLUS, I have always loved french; I took it all through my elementary-high school years {i mean, a few years were for Spanish and Latin, but you get the point}. I don’t know what it is about France, but the classy elegance of every day, it makes the hopeless romantic inside me go wild.


11/11 | eleven eleven atelier ending quote

I am overflowing with joy and gratitude.

I cannot wait to see the beauty y’all entrust me to create. Until next time ⏤ enjoy this quote:

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