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Moments frozen in time

short story: a tender moment with Ripley.

The battle with forgotten passwords is a grueling one, a struggle that will never end. No matter how many you write down, no matter the new system you devise to remember said passwords, you will inevitably have to press “forgot password” at least once every month. 

I was in the middle of a forgotten password brain battle when I heard a slight creak of Ripley’s bedroom door down the hall. He does this when he wants mama or dada to come to him, into his room, and into his bed. By “mama or dada,” I mean mama. Dada does not fit in his new spiffy big boy bunk bed, toy house situation the spoiled little Rip has going for him. 

Tonight was different …

As I had guessed just moments before, I was summoned into the little guy’s layer to cuddle him off to sleep, along with his mound of blankets and stuffed animals. The pure love and joy seeping through his smile warmed my soul, and I was happy to be there lying nose to nose with him. 

His quiet sleepy voice squeaks out, “more,” which actually means, “please sing me some more songs, mama, so that I can fall asleep.” I whisper the songs to him and make it through my regular rounds, and to my surprise, he was bright-eyed, staring at me. I usually close my eyes when I sing to him, so he closes his. ~usually~ this works. “More,” he says as he shuts his eyes. 

“MORE” of these moments please

Earlier I lightly placed my right arm over his blanket pile. But as I went to move it in preparation for my silent departure, he quickly snatched my hand, placed it over his left cheek and ear, and hugged my arm as tight as he could into his body. This was a moment I wish could be frozen in time, photographed or recorded for me to remember and relive for years to come. These are the moments I live for; these are the moments that make you forget the world and live so purely and pleasantly in the moment. 

The type of moments I want to celebrate with you!

Obviously, you cannot plan events around the pure embrace of your two-year-old at bedtime. But let this serve as an example of the type of incredible, joyous moments I want to create and celebrate with you. Those experiences that you want to relive over and over again.

With Love Always,

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